The jurney of the fool

Tarot, a voyage of self knowledge and plenitude

With Carlos de León

Agust, 25 to 31
Cuernavaca, Morelos, México.
My purpose in this program is to teach Tarot in a completely different way. I have observed that for the majority of people has difficulties, because they try to learn the meaning of the cards with their left brain, the logical side, thats why, every new deck comes with a nice little booklet of instructions and meanings, giving the false idea that in reality the cards have a concrete definition. But even from this approach, it is clear that every card can have different possible meanings, the decision of which to use, can not come from our logical mind, but from our Intuition.

Learning Tarot is:
  • Consciously integrating our unconcious parts, the lumionus and dark equally.
  • Its exploring reality like a little fool trying to bring a transendent significance to our mortal existence.
  • Learned through our own transformation in the search of our Freedom and Wisdom.

The learning Tarot is a voyage into the mysterious part of reality, guarded by our Unconscious Magitian.

In this jurney the language that we will use is that of the archetypes and their symbols, that of Magic and Metaphor.

This program has the intention of presenting The Tarot as a trnsformational live path, where the first and last objective is The Fool, who symbolizes our True Nature, our Internal Being.

The tools we will use are inspired in the following schools and technics:
  • Kabbalah
  • Meditation
  • Psychocorporal Therapy
  • Images Therapy
  • Symbol Therapy
  • Projection
  • Numerology
  • Magic.

Each year we will be working with 5 Major Arcana, and all the Minor Arcana of one suit.
  • 2018: COINS
    • Mayor Arcana
      " The Wheel of fortune
      " The Hierofant
      " The Force
      " Death
      " The emperor
    • Study of esotherical aspects:
      " Numerology

  • 2019: CUPS
    • Mayor Arcana:
      " Justice
      " Temprance
      " The Charriot
      " The Tower
      " The Empress
    • Study of esotherical aspects:
      " Magic y Symbology

  • 2020: RODS
    • Mayor Arcana:
      " The Star
      " The Moon
      " The Sun
      " The Devil
      " The Pristess
    • Study of esotherical aspects:
      " Kabbalah

  • 2021: SWORDS
    • Mayor Arcana:
      " Judgment
      " The Hanged Man
      " The Lovers
      " The Hermit
      " The Magitian
    • Study of esotherical aspects:
      " Kabbalah

    For the weekend we will have
    • Explanation of the 5 Major Arcana
    • Basic exercises fo knowledge of these: Therapy and Meditation
    • For the whole week we will also have
    • Study of the esoteric aspects of Tarot
    • Advanced practices of the Major Arcana
    • Study and practices of the Minor Arcana of the suit in turn.
    Participants will bring:
    1. A notebook or diary dedicated only to Tarot
    2. Colored pensiles or cryons.
    3. A Tarot deck you like, but I do recomend to bring the Rider-Waite, because its the one I will use to explain.

    In this process participants are invited to create their own Tarot Deck
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Col. Acapantzingo, Cuernavaca, Mor. 62440 , México

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