The Journey of the Fool
Wands and astrological tarot reading

Retiro en línea con Carlos de León

14 al 23 de agosto | 10:00 a 13:00 h (México)

This year we continue the Journey of the Fool, discovering even more of the mysterious reality guarded by our unconscious Magician. We will continue learning and speaking the language of Archetypes and their symbols of magic and metaphor.
We will use the Tarot as a living transformative path upon which the first and final objective, the Fool, symbolizes our true nature, our inner self. This year we will delve into the knowledge of the Star, the Moon, the Devil and the High Priestess.
We will study the astrological reading of the Tarot in order to discover your personal archetype in the major arcana, your character card, your root symbol, your chart, the decans as well as reading an Astrological Tarot Chart.

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